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“Our vision is to create products out of love for life and love for people.“

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Who we are

We are an innovative organic company based in the beautiful Kremstal in Austria. From there, we distribute delicious vegan organic products.

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What we are doing

The delicious products of our brand „MyLove MyLife“ are exclusively based on plants (coconut, almond, oats or soy) and manufactured with the greatest care, technical expertise and attention to detail. We are constantly tinkering, fantasising and working on new product ideas, always inspired by trends and the wishes of our fans. We do everything we can to make our beloved creations accessible to all connoisseurs.

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For whom we do it

We create our products for all connoisseurs, for all vegans and vegetarians, for all flexitarians and omnis, for foodies and hipsters, for mums and dads who want to try something new together with their family, for us, but also for all animals and plants, for our nature and our environment, for our life together and for a good future – we do what we do simply for all our lovelies ❤

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Why we do it

As a company and as humans, we have a responsibility for ourselves, the environment and life. We want to live up to this responsibility and make a contribution by offering sustainable, natural, organic and vegan food – we do namely not believe in an either-or, but in the fact that it is precisely with the combination of both, organic farming and the vegan lifestyle, that we can make the world a little bit better.

With MyLove-MyLife ...

we create products that respect nature as our home and most important supplier of raw materials as well as all our employees, partners and fans. We create precious products that taste good, make us feel good and help us to do something good. To do this, we use our knowledge, our skills, our experience and a lot of love. We do all this out of belief and for two simple reasons: Out of love for ourselves.

Out of love for life.

“We want to provide people with heart and mind with the best vegan organic products to do something good for themselves and the environment. Our products are designed to facilitate and enrich nutrition and lifestyle.“

Our products: 100 % organic, 100 % vegan

Products Coconut products
Products Almond products

The delicious organic almonds for our MyLove-MyLife almond range ripen in Bella Italia under the Italian sun and are lovingly processed into delicious yoghurt alternatives. All our almond products are organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free, they have a nutty marzipan flavour and simply taste naturally good.

Products Oat products

The delicious organic oats for our MyLove-MyLife oats range come from beautiful Austria, where our unique products are also made. Our oats convince with a full flavour and are lovingly processed into delicious, full-bodied products. All oat products are organic, vegan and lactose-free.

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Products Soy products

We only use soybeans from Austria for our MyLove-MyLife soy range. These are processed with great care and love into delicious yogurt alternatives in different varieties. All our soy products are organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. They are creamy and mild, full-bodied, have a pleasant taste and are also rich in protein.

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