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Mr. Almondo, Ms. Coco, Mr. Oatello and Ms. Soyrella

We do not create our delicious products alone: Always by our side are the friends and loyal companions of our products. A vegan with heart from Bella Italia, a travel and food blogger from the Caribbean, an organic farmer with passion and a country pumpkin from Austria – the perfect mix!

“Go loco for coco!“

Mrs Coco with profile of her

“I can't get enut!“

Mr Almondo mit Steckbrief von ihm

“Back to the roots!“

Mr Oatello mit Steckbrief von ihm

“Let´s spill the beans!“

Ms Soyrella mit Beschreibung

Our product ranges

Products Coconut products

Organic coconuts give our MyLove-MyLife coconut products that certain exotic touch and bring the Caribbean sun to us. All our coconut products are organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. We also make sure that our suppliers comply with social standards and fair working conditions.

Products Almond products

The delicious organic almonds for our MyLove-MyLife almond range ripen in Bella Italia under the Italian sun and are lovingly processed into delicious yoghurt alternatives. All our almond products are organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free, they have a nutty marzipan flavour and simply taste naturally good.

Products Oat products

The delicious organic oats for our MyLove-MyLife oats range come from beautiful Austria, where our unique products are also made. Our oats convince with a full flavour and are lovingly processed into delicious, full-bodied products. All oat products are organic, vegan and lactose-free.

Products Soy products

We only use soybeans from Austria for our MyLove-MyLife soy range. These are processed with great care and love into delicious yogurt alternatives in different varieties. All our soy products are organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. They are creamy and mild, full-bodied, have a pleasant taste and are also rich in protein.

Out of love for ourselves. Out of love for life. <3

MyLove-MyLife logo with features of the brand using arrows around it


Teller voll Obst und Schokosauce auf Geschirrtuch


Comic Abbildung von Erde mit Marke und Windrädern und Fußabdruck


Comic von denkendem Männergesicht mit Sprechblase mit Fragezeichen

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